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Welcome to Accurate Assessments of San Diego (AASD)! We provide comprehensive Psychological, Neuropsychological, Educational, Developmental, and Substance Abuse Assessments, Evaluations, and Testing for people of all ages. We are skilled in evaluating children, adolescents, adults, and seniors.

We are passionate about helping people identify and find solutions to the problems that keep them from succeeding in any area of life. We have a philosophy of excellence and are committed to providing evaluations that exceed industry standards. What’s more, we never have a waiting list!

Accurate Assessments of San Diego is the only service in San Diego that does all that in one place, which makes us San Diego’s only comprehensive Center for assessment! We succeed in meeting our goals through our unique philosophy: Rather than being psychologists who are generalists and know a little bit about many things, or being clinicians who offer assessment as a small part of our private practices, our psychologists specialize in assessment. Each of our licensed psychologists has chosen a few focused areas of assessment in which to specialize.

Therefore, when you walk through our door, you will work with a Licensed Psychologist who specializes in evaluating your particular issue(s).

Our assessments provide a comprehensive understanding of your issue(s) by evaluating the interactions among the cognitive, neurological, developmental, and psychological factors that are unique to you. We provide comprehensive, individualized evaluations that include focused and helpful recommendations.

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Accurate Assessments of San Diego provides a broad range of evaluations, including*:

*Not all assessment services are listed. If you are seeking a particular type of assessment that is not listed here, please contact us.

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*Accurate Assessments of San Diego strictly adheres to the American Psychological Association’s Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing.

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